Call Center Solutions

Call Center Solutions

LeadGen's Education Strategy Center redefines online customer service to the industry. This division operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in order to advise prospective students on colleges, universities, and career schools that match their search criteria. The goal of our education representatives is to pair students with educational opportunities and career choices that will further their goals. While doing so, this strategy division assists schools in their recruitment and enrollment efforts by providing them with interested students that are open to receiving information. Additionally, our Strategy and Free Student Service initiative focuses exclusively on managing online customer interactions by a two-fold method: using both outbound and inbound customer support.

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Outbound Recruitment Efforts

Our outbound call center marketing is a strategy that remains successful by utilizing traditional media and our proven techniques. Using our expertise in supplying qualified records to our seated student services center, each of our outbound representatives contact each student within a short period of time of an inquiry. This determines if the student is indeed an interested candidate for the school and its offered program. It is imperative to achieve the satisfaction of our educational partners, while also creating successful recruiting efforts to ensure that our student service center only delivers those interested potential students.

Inbound Recruitment Efforts

A Successful Inbound effort understands the increasing demands and desires of an interested student to be more active in their search. By doing so, it helps to create a relationship with the potential student and opens up a line of two-way communication. Our inbound efforts would not be successful without creating interesting content to grab the attention of these candidates and then determining the most successful way to distribute this information through media content and Internet advertising.

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