lead generation

Lead Generation

The LeadGen Media Group combines a deliberate search engine-marketing plan with our network websites in order to drive traffic, garner inquires and forward them to our educational partners. Websites will be both generalized and specialized towards the interest of the desired program and career, and these sites range from:

  • Culinary
  • Trade Schools
  • Beauty
  • Online Paths
  • Healthcare
  • Business Schools
  • Study Abroad and International Programs
  • Massage

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Our team will optimize Internet campaigns by analyzing, adjusting and refocusing and putting resources where they need to be. This enables us to respond to a clients recruitment needs by adjusting the balance of targeted media in order to deliver the volume of qualified clicks an enrollment department wants, when they want them.

Strategic search engine optimization is essential to generate quality leads in this competitive environment. LeadGen Media Groups search engine optimization team provides the insight and tools in order to help maximize the quality of traffic to our websites based on three core elements: architecture, content, linking.


The directory structure of our websites makes sense: the pages are grouped together in broad levels and subpages are easily available through straightforward navigation. It is key to a pleasant user experience that the websites structural layout is kept simple but still provides visitor satisfaction.


All of our websites will be rich in informative content based on the subject of the site. By strategically placing key words into published articles, we are not only able to drive traffic through SEO, but ultimately provide the prospective students the full service they need.


Proper internal linking helps our students navigate from page to page and find other areas and products of interest. They click on a desired educational program and are able to find schools in their geo-targeted area. This improves visitor search results, provides more leads for our clients and helps advance search engine rankings.

With the advent of social media, the strategic use of Facebook, Twitter and blogs is a very exciting way to get the message out and help potential students find their way to a productive and fulfilling career.

LeadGen has developed its own interactive proprietary software on its website to help navigate a student through educational and career searches. Representatives will be available for a live chat twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. There will also be click-to-talk portals to once again illicit conversations with interested students.

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